Hair Transplant

What is the hair transplant operation?

Hair transplant is a type of cosmetic surgery and treatment for both men and women. It is a surgical procedure that restores the hair permanently. The hair follicles are transported from a region of the body called the donor area and then implanted in the area to be treated from baldness. Hair transplant depends on the strength of the patient’s donor area. It is one of the most important elements on which the doctor depends, to determine in principle whether the person is qualified to perform the operation or not. This process is done through the use of different techniques including:

FUSS technique

Fuss is based on an extraction of a 15-25 cm strip from the skin of the head back, and then sewing it in the part of the head where the hair doesn’t grow, and this area will later be covered with hair, then the surgeon divides the removed scalp strip to 500-2000 small parts, and then planting them in various areas where each part should have little bit of hair, this hair depends on the quality, color and size of the area that will get the process of transplantation.

Fue technique:

This technique is based on the extraction of follicles from the donor area and re-planting it in the area that needs planting, through shaving the back part of the scalp and removing the follicles in that area one after the other which will lead to very small wounds, the extraction or harvesting is well distributed to leave spaces in the donor area. After that the channels are re-opened to suit the direction of the natural hair.

PRP technique:

This is a plasma needle, where a blood sample is taken and white blood cells are separated from red blood cells and re-supplied with vitamins and minerals to be distributed on the entire scalp to achieve goals. The planted follicles need to be fed during the incubation period as they are unable to feed themselves. Inactive follicles also need to be stimulated from the stem cells to produce more hair, and instead of one or two it becomes three or four, and this way we will get density for the whole scalp and we will stop the hair loss whether it is caused by hormones or genetics or if it is natural through strengthening the follicles and feeding them in a concentrated way.

OSL technique:

The OSL technique or oblique channels technique is mainly based on the shape and positioning of natural hair in the scalp. Where very specific blades are used, these blades have different measurements to suit the situation and the area to be planted.


CHOI technique:

It is based on merging choi’s pens technique with the OSL technique to get more natural results and high density. It is the most recent and best technique because it guarantees patients the greatest coverage and density possible because using choi’s pens gives the possibility of planting the largest number of follicles during one session.

زراعة شعر

Hair transplant for men

Studies have shown that more than two-thirds of men are subjected to hair loss at some point in life. 25% of young people after age 21 are subjected to hair loss. There are many unnatural causes of hair loss such as alopecia, burns, bruises, genetics factors or other causes.


Hair transplant for women:

Scientific studies have shown that 40% of women are subjected to hair loss and some of the causes of baldness in women are the stress of daily life which will lead to hair loss, hormonal changes, covering hair for long periods or even acute vitamin deficiency.


Beard and mustache transplant:

Hair transplant in the face is the only permanent solution to get rid of the beard’s blanks. Beard transplant operations in Turkey have become one of the most desirable operations, as Turkey has its great standing in this field, in terms of the excellent final results, and in terms of taking the necessary precaution that take into account the relevance and sensitivity of such operations in the facial area.


Eyebrow transplant:

The beauty of the eye needs a suitable eyebrow and a 100% natural eyebrow hair transplant, whether the problem is caused by burns, laser tattoos, congenital defects or even natural weakness and loss due to time factor.

Duration and effects of treatment:

The duration of hair treatment can be prolonged. Many surgical sessions are often required to achieve the desired goal. In addition, it is necessary to leave a period of several months between each session and the other. Therefore, total treatment can take about two years, as the results can appear after one or two months after the end of the Surgery.

The average number of roots the patient needs during the transplant of any area varies from 1000 to 5000 roots in the single hair transplant operation. The healing and recovery period after a hair transplant operation depends on the operation itself and differs from one patient to another. For the pain during the operation, the majority of people who undertook the operation stated that there was no pain, only the pain of the anesthetic needle, and as for pain after surgery, it can be controlled by following the prescription prescribed by the surgeon.