Hair Transplant for Women

Hair transplant or Hair restoration may be common in men only, but in women it is quite different!

Some women believe that women do not get bald like men… Is this true?

It is common that the most subjected category to baldness is men, so it is believed that cosmetics hair transplant surgeries are made for men not women and the hair transplant surgeries for women considered as a lifeline for many of them, if the appearance of some voids in the scalp is menace to a man, then it is catastrophic for a woman and her feminine look. Quite a few women may have different hair loss patterns; they might not note the early signs of hair loss at an early age, unlike in males, as the hair loss pattern can be known as well as the stages it may take according to a schedule more easily. It is known that genetic factors may lead to baldness are more active in men, but this doesn’t eliminate that a remarkable number of women are having the same disease according to different phenomena and patterns.  In this article we will simply take some candidate cases for women’s hair transplants, how they are performed, and the techniques used, in addition to the results and expected side effects, and important tips before undergoing this surgery.

Main Reasons for Hair Los

  • Hormones imbalance in the body.
  • Male alopecia.
  • Thyroid Secretion.
  • Uterus condition.
  • Skin scalp diseases.
  • Overuse of hair care products and tools.

Features of Hair Transplant for women using FUE and Choi techniques:

After the surge in techniques used in the hair transplant in Turkey, it can no longer be considered as a well-known surgical operation; it is a simple cosmetic procedure that leaves behind no signs or side effects, and there is no need to stay in the hospital under care, which is not possible with the old methods used, such as chip technique for example.

While the rates of success and gaining the required results for women’s hair transplants in Turkey have jumped from approximately 70% to over 95%, but it first and foremost depends on how good and professional your hair transplant doctor is, as well as his beauty sense, so he can determine what fits the nature of the case and the features of the patient as well.

Features of hair transplant for women in Turkey using latest techniques:

  • Make the most use of the hair follicles harvested, and do not expose them to any damage, ensuring an appropriate density for both the donor and target areas.
  • There is no pain at all, and the hair transplant in Turkey for women now has no visible or subtle marks or scars, as it is fully done without resorting to the scalpel of surgery.
  • The time required to recover from the surgery has become much lower, and is considered to be non-existent compared to previous techniques.
  • The surgery is conducted according to the highest safety and security standards, which may not be available in any other cosmetic surgery.
  • The final results of the planted hair are natural in a way that cannot be distinguished from the original hair in the scalp.